Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the situation is not a joke ?! Student protest in all over Iran still continues......

With the continuation of protest ,more lower rank clergies are joining the movement for change in Iran.
In recent days united attack on Hashemi Rafsanjani by the media that supports the regime of coup d'etat and the fundamentalist clergies , who are against the change , civil rights and human rights in Iran covered the front pages of the newspapers.Mr. Rafsanjani was and still is one of the most influential person in the Islamic Republic. He was the right hand man of khomeini. With this is happening, the political crisis in the Islamic Republic entered in a new stage.

ayatollah Karubi's strong response to another fundamentalist clergy made Karubi stronger in the movement .Karubi in response to Sheikh Mohammad Yazdi who have said in the past that; "people make joke about Karubi" and Karubi's response : "You think the situation we are in right now is a joke " , made karubi more closer to the people.

ayatollah Montazeri another critical ayatollah to the regime of Ahmadinejad and Khamenei also have said: "They accuse people of toppling the regime down, in order to continue to suppress the people."


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