Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the past few days regime has announced have arrested 30 cyber spies who were according to the claim worked with US and western authorities.

The situation like before continued : Less were released and more were arrested.

Regime likes to keep the situation in a security style atmosphere.

Intimidation and threat continued by the government ministers together with Ayatollah's who are supported by the fundamentalist revolutionary guards and by the MP's backing the regime of Ahmadinejad.

Everyday more and more joining the protest against the regime of Ahmadinejad for not being able to answer their demands.

The current situation of the green movement after Feb. 11 mass protest is that , the green movement is repositioning itself and most in the green movement beleive that , the green movement must spread its social networking more into the rural area.

People who have been in Iran and returned believe that, this regime is unable to control the people and has lost complete control over it. they believe that; the regime won't be able to continue ruling for few years because there are kind of disrespect among people towards the regime and Khamenei.They believe the jobless among millions of graduate students as well as the high price of daily food comodities and delays in workers monthly payments is going to bring the situation in a social explosion.

In the news:
many in the past few days have been banned to leave the country among them Simin Behbehani the "Lady poet of Iran" who was leaving on an invitation for France .

And more student protest and worker strikes were reported.

In the meantime some of the commanders of revolutionary guards who still continue to support the fundamentalist government of Ahmadinejads and Khamenei are plundering the wealth of the nation and the people speaks about it in the streets of Iran. They say: their " Aqa -Zadeh-Ha " meaning their childerens have all kinds of economic wealths in their tip of the fingers.

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