Thursday, April 15, 2010

The fundamentalist government of Ahmadinejad prevented Khatami the past reformist president from leaving Iran!

1-Seyed Mohammad Khatami the past reformist president of the Islamic Republic is banned by fundamentalist Government of Ahmadinejad from leaving Iran for Japan to attend in a conference in Hiroshima. This news was reported by "Parleman News " . The conference was organized against nuclear arsenals and atomic bombs.

2- The green movement distributed posters which calls all Iranian to boycott buying foreign sugar . The green movement beleives the interest from selling the foreign sugar goes to "Sepah Pasdaran" the revolutionary Guards who are involved in Ahmadinejad's Government.The poster reads: Resistance and civil disobedience. Lets Not to Buy foreign sugar !

3-The situation of political prisoners in Iran and the prisons condition are the concern of all free loving Iranian these days. we must not forget these political prisoners. According to news published; close to 20,000 people from pro green movement were arrested after the June 12 protest against the presidential election cheating.

4- Workers protest against violation of their rights and delay in payment of their salary continues - around 150 workers from "Sabalan Fabric" factory in the city of "Ardebil" protested in front of the Governors building and demanded their 7 months delay in salary be paid.
5- A member of Dutch Parliament asked Dutch foreign Minister to create a global protest against Islamic Republic of Iran to become member of UN human rights council.

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