Monday, April 05, 2010

The lawless government continue to ignor critics.....

Is it the policy of "come what may" ? what can be seen is that ;this government even ignors its own and pro-government (fundamentalist-Principalist )critics in the parliament who cry to stop the Government not to do what they call it lawlessness or they can see it as a disaster for the country and themsleves.
The pages of newspapers in the last two days after 13 days New Year holiday ended, is full of subject such as : The Government must follow the law . this is with regard to the request by the Government to the Parliament to approve a budget namely " Tarhe Hadafmand Kardane Yaraneha" a plan budget to give 20,000 -40,000 (on dispute)Billion tuman money from the sale of oil to the people of Iran. This plan budget (20,000 Billion Tuman) was approved by the Parliament and become law but now the Government is not willing to do what it has promissed to people !? Even by disregarding the mess this plan budget created and the economical harshness this regime faces this year, it shows how much ignorant this Government is about following the law!? This Government is creating the lawlessness and anarchism in Iran, at least this is what can come to once mind.
People has to follow the draconian laws of this regime and yet the regime does not want to follow the law it has created.

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