Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Latest on Hossain Derakhshan, the Iranian -Canadian blogger!

This is the news that have come out today:
According to Jahan News- political reports , today (wednesday June 23/2010) Hossain Derakhshan together with his family and his lawyer "Mahdavi" attended to the branch number 15 court and the representative of prosecutor arrainged the charges to the judge Salavati. The charges are:
Propaganda against the Islamic system,Cooperation with hostile countries, propaganda in the interest of counter revolutionaries, blasphemy and creation and management of obscene and trite websites.
The rest of the charges will be dealt in the next court date.

Few points-
1-Apparently Hossain Derakhshan is not in prison and he attended with his family member to the court.
2-The name of the lawyer was written in a quote - "Mahdavi" - and this is a family name , what about his first name? Why they don't want public to know more about this lawyer " Mahdavi".
3- Why the prosecutor didn't read the whole charges when arraigning the accused and adjurning the rest of the charges to the next court date?
So many other questions!?
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