Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Islamic regime in Iran introduced "Islamic Hair Code" for all to follow ,even the barbers,what an stupide world this regime officials live in?!

Recently the government of Ahmadinejad has introduced new islamic code in the society and that is about "Islamic Hair code".The regime can introduce as much barbaric policy as they can,which intend to target the young Iranian boys and men and women,a kind of cultural / cult+.... policy at this juncture of the century.Whatever is in their mind is a sick backward and violent act which violate the freedom and human rights of all people. But , all Iranian know that ; this regime is unable to implement it and it will be joked by people in communities and in Islamic Republic history. The regime instead of these policies must tackle the economic crisis and inflation or job creation in the country. The regime can't divert the young minds from what exactly is doing nationally and internationally with its policies and ruining the lives of a generation.

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