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After 2 years in prison Hossain Derakhshan was sentenced to 19 .5 years in prison!

Cartoon by : Nik kowsar
Hossain Derakhshan and the promisses by Ahmadinejad's office
Hossain Derakhshan the controversial blogfather who went back to Iran almost two years ago by an invitation of Ahmadinejad's office to work as the head of foreign section of the Press TV ( an Islamic Republic English TV station ) was arrested and detained and today according to the news judge Salavati in a closed court sentenced him to 19.5 years in prison.

Hossain Derakhshan's marriage ceremony was performed by Khamenei the leader of the Islamic Republic.According to the news, Hossain Derakhshan's father is a business man in Tehran historical Bazar and has many influence over businessman there and Bazar was and is the economic backbone of the the clergies who were involved in the revolution almost 32 years ago.

Despite of his controversiality and the reason behind it, IRAN WATCH CANADA defends Hossain Derakhshan's rights to a fair and just trial , what has took place seems unfair and is more a political game .Hossain Derakhshan must have all the rights to appeal against the decission made by judge Salavati sentencing him to 19.5 years in prison.

Background :
Hossain Derakhshan's blog before going to Iran was "Hoder" :
More about Hossein Derakhshan:
Click here:

Before going to Iran Hossain derakhshan wrote an article in his blog "Hoder" and in that he attacked almost all the human rights advocates and opposition to the regime in Iran.I have translated this article from his blog Hoder ,Here it goes:

"The Hostile Government Dependents, wake up"

Written on Nov. 2,2008

Those who were formerly receiving salary from Mr. Mehdi Jami are shocked by his expelling from Radio Zamaneh and they speak in a way as if Radio Zamaneh was the will from Mr. Jami's dad and these foolish Dutch – who doesn’t understand at all the value and importance of Iran’s culture and art and Mr. Jami’s historic central role in it- And without any reason and logic they let Mr. Jami go, therefore Radio Zamaneh which was the most independent and most important media in the whole history of Iran ( At least from the view points of Mr. Jami’s friends of Mashhad) it has fallen in the hand of malicious and irreligious ignorant foreigners and the worst of all non Mashhadi's .

But it is better to set aside the tribal play and novice developing , by looking on the real situation about Radio Zamaneh:

Holland is one of the close allies of America in the European countries and is part of a few countries of the world that imposed sanction, much more than UN security council against Iran. Oil sanctions and technological and even scientific sanction on Iranian students in Dutch University’s which didn’t even happen in America.

The Government of Holland that had no media in Farsi language, came to this conclusion that for having an impact inside Iran and for its own political interest, specially among the youth and students it needs media.

The Foreign Ministry of Holland approved tens of millions Euro budget in order to create several media project in Farsi language. Except America, the only country in the world that has approved budget for Iran under this agenda , is America.

Press Now Institute, has extensive experience in creating anti Russian and anti left Radio in Eastern Europe and the former colonies of Holland in Africa .After the invasion of Afghanistan it has become active in this country , it has been asked by the Holland Foreign Ministry to create the most expensive Holland media project in Iran.

Among candidates who have given application for employment to "Press Now Institute" , Mehdi Moazen Jami was selected because of his opinion that attract youth and was fresh to Radio and website and his connection and friendship with reformist journalists inside Iran. He was put in charge of creating and managing "Radio zamaneh" under the supervision of the board of Press Now.
It is funny that “The Dependents” of Mr. Jami in a single night learnt that; Radio zamaneh with a “Foreign” manager won’t be trustworthy and independent and therefore to hold the funeral service for the past beautiful Zamaneh ( and of course with the thousands of Euro as free cash they were receiving) .

They have forgotten that; Zamaneh news has been managed by a well known group with the name of “ Republican unity” and Jami himself in the early months of his work in Radio Zamaneh, was one of the guest invited and participated to the congress of the “Republican Unity “ in Europe and sat beside "Radio Farda" at the media panel. Showing as if didn't know the position of Radio zamaneh on Iran’s atomic programs in recent years which was coinciding exhaustively with the position of the government of America and her European allies.

They have forgotten the continuous Advertising report of Zamaneh for humans rights industry groups in Iran ( Campaign for One Million Signature *1, Advare Tahkime Vahdat*2 , Shirin Ebadi’s group*3, the bandit of Mansur Osanloo *4 , and ….)

They have forgotten that it was in this beautiful, independent and compatriot media*5 which published advertisement report for the terrorist "Jondollah group"*6 and started various campaign against the judiciary system and punishment for one of its official member.

They have forgotten that, at the time of this same nationalism bourgeois legend , meaning Mr. Jami, Radio Zamaneh have given special programs and tribune to the secessionist Kurdish groups and has entered officially into the new project of America for creating dispute among racial and ethnic in Iran.

Whom are we going to deceive? Mehdi Jami with a middleman of the Holand Ministry of Foreign Affairs for creating a website, Radio and perhaps later Television was the closest ally of America in Europe for inside Iran. All the several millions budget of Radio Zamaneh has come directly from the Holland Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Radio zamaneh never had an independent policy from Holland Government, never was impartial and even for a moment the interest of Iran wasn’t important for him. The journalist friends of reformists who have kept their heads into the snow and think that; media that receives all its money from a government can be independent, is better not to deceive themselves more .

This very BBC Persian TV which is going to be started and "water has already flow from the chops of many of you" ( made many hungry ) , also receive all its expenses from the Government that, with economic sanction wants to destroy the family’s and people of your country. Don’t sell your honour and dignity and when you have learnt the work go back to Iran.

The atmosphere of media in Iran never been this much open and there are work and position in Iran for all of you. Even though a bit harder than BBC but instead you won’t be suffering by once own conscience.

Footnote from translator:
1- A women rights campaign group in Iran
2- A student’s rights organization in Iran
3- Association of Human Rights Defenders in Iran and Shirin Ebadi is the president
4- Bus Vahed Syndicate leader –Mr. Osanloo is currently serving a long term prison sentence
5- Zamaneh
6- An armed group in Baluchestan –South East of Iran ,close to Afghanistan and Pakistan

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