Monday, November 22, 2010

Seyed Mohammad Khatami: 2010 will be the year of social crisis in Iran !

Khatami the past reformist president said the above words months ago.
The disastrous international-internal policy of Ahmadinejad's regime is the agent of the social crisis in Iran.Aside from socio -economic crisis ,there are growing crisis between parliament and Government and the way Government ministers run their ministries, since the Government doesn't want to follow the existing law and constitution. Ahmadinejad beleives that ; the parliament must take order or follow the government. It seems there isn't any solution to the problems and differences among different sides, infact it is deepening, in short there is a real crisis.While they are fighting among themselves, the people are suffering and felt the pressure on their bones.
Everyday there are news about workers staging protest or strike for their working condition or salary and....
One of these protest happened today Monday Nov.22,2010 in front of parliament. According to news by ILNA hundereds of construction workers staged protest infront of parliament and demanded for better condition and insurance law be implemented in their benefit.The government rattified law that the insurance of 1,600,000 construction workers be suspended for five years.
As the prices of basic commodities like bread,rice and .....grow almost daily and the middle class is being thrown into lower bracket and the workers frustration push them almost daily into the streets and protest, economic crisis becoming the agent of the rising protest in the coming months.
There are 5 ,000,000 government employeers in Iran.
There are 3.5,000,000 students in Iran
According to Musavi the leader of green movement ,there are 14.6 % jobless in Iran and
29% of the young people are also jobless.
Iran has more than 2.5 ,000,000 child labor and 0ne every 5 marriage ends up to divorce.
instead of addressing these problems ,the Government arrests and detains the leader of workers, one of these leader is Mr. Mansour Osanlou who has spent five sprng inside the jail.
I see the reason and signs of unrest in Iran in the coming months.


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