Saturday, December 18, 2010

Minister of foreign affair was replaced . Continuation of dispute among "Islamic Republic" officials!

One more shame / discredit in international affairs for Ahmadinejad's Government.

Mr. Manouchehr Motaki the foreign affairs minister of the Islamic Republic was replaced by Ahmadinejad ,while he was on a mission in africa.

According to government newspaper (Fars newspaper) Mr.Motaki told to reporter that: "I was never informed that i will be replaced by someone just after 24 hours of my departure to a mission in Africa and the irony is that; i was not informed about the day the new minister will be introduced and take office. "

Mr. Motaki found this as a way of ( removing the foreign minister while he was in mission) as un-Islamic and an insult and out of political and diplomatic norm."
Ministry of foreign affairs vs Ahmadinejad, the tension and dispute continue.... .
Mr. Ali Larijani the house speaker criticized the way the situation was handled by Ahmadinejad.
he said: "It would have been better the minister was informed about the replacement and not while he was travelling abroad ."

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