Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Middle East needs: An open society free from dictatorship,corruption and equal rights for women & men !

Bahraini brother and sisters Shiit or Suni must know their Iranian brother and sisters are also carrying similar struggle and banner inside Iran against Islamic Regime headed by Khamenei and his puppet regime of Ahmadinejad. Bahraini must "not experience the experience" that Iranian people learned through 32 years of repression by Islamic regime.Bahraini , Iranian,Egyptian,tunesian, Yemenese, Libyan , Syrian and Saudi Arabian people for the last few months shoke the world with their struggle against dictatorship,corruption and for their human rights ,freedom and social,economical and cultural welfare.For years west ignored your cry for freedom and what was going on in your world but i think by your recent struggle you have shaken them.My brother and sister in Bahrain or anywhere else in Middle East, dont let Khamenei-Ahmadinejad regime to deceive you or The Islamic Republic Embassy in Manama to write scenario for your struggle , you and your countries future. You must stay alert for any intrusion by any Bahraini puppets of Khamenei-Ahmadinejad Islamic Regime. Do not allow any kind of religious leaders to deceive you or a religious leaders lead your struggle or abuse your emmotion for creation of religious khamenei-Ahmadinejad style regime. Religion must stay aside from politics or else it will create a disastrous situation like Iran.
As an Iranian i'm concerned about your struggle for democracy and where your struggle may lead or end!? I hope not like us Iranian revolution in 1978-79 ending with Islamic Republic regime.

Bahraini,Iranian or Middle Eastern people have a marathon to run to bring first and foremost a culture of democratic ideals in their respective country and society. Its really a marathon for change ,so every step or position must be calculated .To bring a kind of social order which equally understood.
No one can perescribe or interfare into another countries political situation.Every people or nation must decide for themselves what to do.


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