Monday, August 08, 2011

Mohammad Reza Bahonar deputy to the Parliamentary speaker :We beg reformists to participate in the next parliamentary election!?

Next Islamic Republic parliamentary election is going to take place in March 2012. Because of presidential election cheating or election coup by Khamenei-Ahmadinejad , Iranian people have no hope for a free election in the Islamic Republic regime.From now many reformists has boycotted the upcoming parliamentary election in March. and because of the fear of least participation in the election , Mr.Bahonar deputy to the house speaker said:"We beg the reformists to participate in the coming election"!?


Reformists including former president Khatami in the past expressed and demanded for a free election . He added some condition must be met including : 1-Freedom of all political prisoners. 2-Meeting and expressing sympathy with those mourning families whos childeren were killed by the agents of the regime in the last two years demonstration against presidential election cheating and coup.3- Removal of "Nezarat Estesvabi" (suppervision by guardian council ). And a few other.....

It is needed to say that, because of the rise of daily food and shelter expenses and working forces harsh living standard in Iran , more middle class families are also driven to the poverty line and as a result daily protest by workers, labour forces and farmers , regime has little success to drive people to this parliamentary election.Regime is afraid of the people's mobilization by social sector and organizers.

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