Monday, December 12, 2011

Iran ,biggest storm is yet to com !

"Suppression isn't the answere. Those who take this path are fool ,whether it is Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic,the government or their allies and supporters. Suppression or tyranny builds anger,revenge or hateret, which we hope the society won't go to that direction ,if it goes ,the regime should be blamed and the first people who will suffer most are the Supreme leader of the Islamic Republic, his family members and the entire system of the Islamic Republic" this is what most moderate Islamist believe."
"Only by taking steps to ease the tension between people and the ruling regime can prevent the upcoming storm which will eventually wash away the regime."
It seems the supreme leader of the Islamic Republic and regime official are sleeping or day dreaming and can't realize the reality of the situation and the coming of a biggest storm washing them away easily , they instead ignoring people, for their own protection building army of Militias and so on. sooner or later the storm is coming ,wake up , bow to the demands of the people of Iran, let this people take control of their own destiny. Let them be free ! Let Iran be Free ! Release all political prisoners who are the vanguard of the freedom!
This is all i wanted to say.


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