Monday, March 05, 2012

Eisa Saharkheiz the imprisoned journalist was attacked by basijis while in the hospital in an intensive care!

Eisa Saharkheiz is a well known Iranian journalist who worked for several reformist newspapers and supported the reformists in Iran. On Monday afternoon while in Tehran Shariati Hospital in an intensive care due to high blood pressure and heart problem, he was attacked by several plain cloths individuals.In that attacked the assailant beat him up and insulted him in front of his wife and family members. Mehdi Saharkheiz Eisa Saharkheiz son in his blog wrote the following: "After argument with one of the prison guard ,asking him to turn the TV off , he became stressed out in a way that his blood pressure went up and his face turned red and swolen and he was caughing continousely,the doctors tried to treat him with oxygen and medication but it didn't work ,so they transfered him from prison clinic to the hospital where he went under intensive care . Doctors told that; Mr. Saharkheiz need to rest and stay out of stress condition, because any stress will lead to his death .


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