Thursday, October 25, 2012

Prices of almost everything in Iran increases under Islamic regime economic policies !

Day after day and most of the time hourly the prices of basic needs of Iranian people increases and regime officials keep their heads under sands,this is while according to a report the absolute poverty line is between 25-30% according to Doctor Hossein Raghfar an economic expert and every year the population of poverty increases by 2% .
Reports indicates:
Daily costs for a small family, if only they eat breads is between 3500-4000 Tuman.
In the coming future Iranian people will face huge difficulties on shelter/housing issue which will cripple the regime.
People renting rooms or apartments won't be able to rent any more because of down payment which most people don't have.
Taxi rate and others also increases almost daily .
In just 4 days the price of US dollar increased from 2450 to 3500 . Sometimes every minutes the prices of dollar was increasing.
People with fixed income also face difficulties. If this economic situation continues ,the middle class will vanish.
Young Iranian have higher education but there are no jobs for them.
Decrease in production of auto parts up to 60-80% . Most small businesses for auto parts production lost business and only 40% are open and 110 of such small company are closed .
Corruption and embezzlement has increased among most regime officials particularly among Ahmadinejad's Government ministers.The government didn't pay 12 Billion dollars income to the reserve fund .
 When Khatami was president ,his Government paid the foreign debt and saved 25 Billion Dollars in reserve funds.When Ahmadinejad took office the reserve funds decreased to 10 billion ( in one year ) and to Zero dollar now . This is while his Government had an income of almost 700 billion dollars from Oil.

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