Thursday, March 28, 2013

Masoud Lavasani Iranian Journalist who have escaped Iran in Recent Crackdown on Journalists in Iran, In a Letter Requested from all Journalists and Human Rights Organizations Around the World to Help Him !


 I’m Masoud Lavasani ( Seyed Masoud Hoseini Lavasani ) Journalist & activist against censorship in Iran. I have worked more than ten years in print & cyber media. During my media activities ,I have been time and time threatened , assaulted and persecuted by security & censorship organizations . Before the year 2009, many times I was threatened for arrest and two times through pressure from Censorship organization , Ministry of Guidance and “Sepah “  forced my employer to expel me from my job. In September 2009 I was arrested by “Sepah”  and more than 40 days I was under intense interrogation and torture. I was tortured two times by electrical shock and was assaulted and beaten ( In a way that my neck was severely hurt and went under operation for cut in neck muscle ). They strike blow on my testicles . I was under severe pressure to confess that I had sexual relation with my co-employees and I was tortured many times to go in front of camera for unfounded confession against myself. At last in the first court I was sentenced to eight  and a half years imprisonment and was also deprived the entire of my life from practicing journalism. This is while, the court was told that my charges were the written subjects in my blog and contrary to the Islamic law there were no jury present at my trial ( Based on Islamic Republic’s constitution the media trial must take place in media court with the presence of media law, while I was tried in a security court and under the influence of Sepah ( Revolutionary Guards). During my entire imprisonment and until the moment before trial, I was unable to talk to my lawyer and thereafter until preparation of my defence arguments ,I never had permission to meet my lawyer.

Months after my imprisonment , many times because of my protest about the countries situation ( media censorship, ban on newspaper , journalists arrest and…..) , time and time I was not allowed to see my family members by judiciary power of the Islamic Republic.
In the spring of 2010 in protest to the inhuman condition of the political prisoners, I went on hunger strike together with Mr. Eisa Saharkheiz other imprison journalist in the Islamic Republic prison which resulted other journalist around the world joining us  in protest.
During my imprisonment , because of the bad condition of the Evin prison and torture , time and time fell into acute illness, smallpox ,sever nervous breakdown , temporary blindness, heart attack  and…….. In July 2010 ,I spent one month on a bed in an isolated room.
In September 2011 after 24 months imprisonment and with a sentencing of 10 years prevention from practicing journalism profession ,I was released from prison and was hospitalized for neck operation which was an injury during my imprisonment . In January 2011 my wife together with doctor Said Madani and Ehsan Houshmand were arrested in a wave of journalists & blogers arrest and was detained for a month in Ward 209 of the Evin prison.
Following the arrest of my wife in connection with “Ghalame Sabz” newspaper ( Green pen newspaper) ,I was also interrogated in front of my little boy for 10 hours . Following that, time and time I was summoned and interrogated by security forces for signing petitions in support of journalists. My wife was expelled from “ Hamshahri “ newspaper where she was working and with pressure by security forces I was also unable to work with a cinema & TV producer. 
In March 23rd 2012, I was arrested without warrant of arrest by judge and kidnapped in the streets of Tehran and was kept in an unknown detention for two days.

Telephone summoning and continues thereat against my family members by security agents were unbearable. In December my wife together with our child were assaulted and she was wounded by security forces while walking on the side walk. The police forces of the Islamic Republic didn’t follow the complaint my wife made against the assailants. (IRAN WATCH CANADA : This was translated and reported in IWC ).

During the new wave of Journalists arrest which happened at night, with an attack on the offices of four Newspapers and two magazines ,the forces of the Ministry of Information attended at my house to arrest me too , but I wasn’t home and not arrested .

From that date on , I didn’t go home and started an underground life in Iran for a few weeks with the hope that they won’t come after me, but with their return to my home again , I decided to leave the country . During this time, the ministry of information in a statement mentioned about my underground life and escape from the country and when the interrogators of the Ministry of Information contacted my home , it was told  that I left the country.
Well, in short ,since the Government security and censorship organizations didn’t like my media activities in the past years ,they tried in different ways to hurt and assault on me & my family. The 10 years sentencing banning me from media activities was more hurtful than the 24 months imprisonment and torture, because ,  they have targeted directly on me and my family’s rights to live. With the increase in assault and bothering by the Islamic Republic security forces and threat on my life and had no the choice but to leave Iran.
I ask from all conscientious people to echo the voice of my oppressed family. My little boy who passed two years of his little life without father and time and time witnessed his father and mothers arrest and even he himself witnessed the assault by interrogators in Evin prison , today is deprived of his least human rights.
My son was two years on speech improvement treatment and today he faces many challenges.

Today the security of me and my family’s life and economic and mental health is endangered in Iran and now that i have left Iran without any other choice , my only hope is support from my professional colleagues.

Hoping for the release of all imprisoned Journalists .

Hoping for the removal of all kinds of Censorship against Free Expressions.

And hoping for good days for all humans.


Masoud Lavasani

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Attempt on the life of a journalist in Iran !

On the evening of Thursday Jan.24 Fatemeh kharadmand  a reformist journalist and a supporter of Green Movement was walking at around "Shohada" Square in Tehran with her son ,when unknown motor cycle riders attacked on her in sidewalk. According to Kharadmand, she saw a motorcycle got into the sidewalk and drove straight at her and her little son ,but when the driver failed to do their intention ,stopped the motorcycle and the woman passenger of the motorcycle attacked on her and escaped when the people tried to go after them .
In the past Fatemeh Kharadmand was arrested and detained for her support to Green Movement and Musavi.Fatemeh is the wife of imprisoned journalist Masoud Lavasani the editorial member of " Ghalame Sabz" Newspaper.

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