Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Young Iranian Actress and stage player Is Sentenced to Death .....Her Lawyer Abdolsamad Khoramshahi said,the death sentence has gone for execution...

Reyhaneh Jabari is a young Iranian woman sentenced to death by Islamic judiciary. She is 26 years old and spent 7 years in jail. She is accused of murdering an agent of the ministry of information. She said ,she did it in self defense.
Reyhaneh is an actress and stage player. On the day of the event , "a man who came with condom, money , power and medication to make you unconscious " , the man who was as old as her father and was member of the ministry of information of the regime,tried to sexually assault her , in self defense she used a knife and escaped the scene and the agent died of bleeding.
She also played in Asghar Farhadi 's film . Asghar Farhadi received Oscar for his film.
Don't Let Islamic regime in Iran to kill this woman. She needs your help. Stop her execution.
Earlier Iran Watch Canada had reported about this case.
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