Thursday, May 29, 2014

Islamic Regime in Iran is Facing with the Tsunami of Corruption & Unemployment .......

Unemployment of Young University Graduate Iranian has reached between  24% to 26% and 1.1 Million Graduate are without job and according to Minister of Labor 5.4 Million Iranian will graduate this year from University and will join the workforce. The general unemployment rate of the country is 10.4 % . 

Corruption has gone so much by private individual or regime officials particularly the officials during Ahmadinejad coup Government and we all know that, Ayatollah Khamenei the regime leader has fully supported his 8 years Government.
Mah afarid khosravi 
By execution of Mah Afarid Khosravi regime had in fact silenced him for talking and naming the officials who had offered him help via bribe !
Recently regime judiciary executed Mah Afarid khosravi in Evin prison. Mah Afarid is one of the accused in the 3000 billion Tuman economic embezzlement. Khavari the chief of Iran National Bank or Bank Melli is one other who was involved in the embezzlement who escaped to Canada and currently the interpol / international police is looking for him. There are many others people who were involved in the 3000 billion Tuman embezzlement including Mehregan Khosravi ( Mah Afarid's brother ) who is currently in Canada with his family. Before execution Mah Afarid sent a letter to Khamenei the leader of the Islamic regime ,what is written in that letter is not yet known but in court Mah Afarid confessed about many Ahmadinejad's Government officials who asked for bribe to issue him permission to import products . About Khavari, Mah Afarid said: He gave $3000,000 and $109,000 dollar bribe to him.
On the corruption issue Mr. Gholamali Jafarzadeh an MP said: The corruption so so large that we can't disclose and we fear it may create a shock in the society !???

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