Monday, April 20, 2015

Wave of Workers Protest continues Almost Daily.......And The Reason, The Worsening Living Condition !

Labor Rights 
Every day there are tens of strike or protest by Iranian workers and that is because of the worsening living condition , Delay in monthly salaries , factory closures , imprisonment of labor leaders and many other issues.
Here is the workers protest in the last two days:
1- Workers at " Navard Louleh Safa " has gone into the strike since last Sunday .
2- 600 workers of Energy Power Plant from all over the country gathered in front of the President office . The reason for this protest is because the working situation of 5000 workers isn't fixed .
3- Close to 300 Workers from power plant in the city of Tabriz gathered in front of the regional power plant building on Sunday and protested against the privatization .
4- 270 workers from " Machin Alat Sanati " For tractors making gathered on Sunday in front of the governors office and demanded their delayed salaries be paid . The workers sat on the asphalt of the street and prevented the traffic from flowing .
5- Workers from Isfahan Petro -Chemical gathered on Sunday in front of the Parliament  in protest against the privatization and their contract situation .

IRAN WATCH CANADA: The list goes on and on ..........
Is Iranian working class going to be the major force behind the future protest ?


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