Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Atena Daemi Activist For Working Kids ,Is Sentenced By Islamic Judiciary To Seven Years Imprisonment

Atena in prison

Based on a report by "Campaign in defense of Political and human rights prisoners " , Ms Atena Daemi who was arrested at her home on October last year  and was sent to cell number Alef of the Sepah in Evin prison and after 4 months solitary confinement and interrogation , in March she was transferred to the women ward and in May she was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment but later it reduced to seven years imprisonment .  since her arrest she was denied a proper court procedure and bail  by judge Moghiseh at branch 28 of the court of revolution. She is charged with: insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic , propagating against the system , Listening to Shahin Najafi's Music ( an Iranian singer who's music are critical to Islamic Regime in Iran ) , oppsing to Forced Hijab and few others...
So , Islamic regime , a young girl who works in defense of child labor and 7 years imprisonment for what she does. ??????????!!!!!!!
Does any regime officials including president Rohani care about Atena Daemi who work voluntarily for a better life for Iranian kids but must spent 7 years of her young life in prison??????!!!!!!!


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