Thursday, August 20, 2015

Radical Official started their campaign to plan and execute the up coming election in March .......

The Guardian Council which is established to just observe the election is and in the past was mixing its obligation to execute the election .
President Rohani in his recent speech attacked the Guardian Council for interfering on the execution of election which is the role of the Government.
The influential members of  the Guardian Council and its head ( Ayatollah Ahmad Janati) are known for their past radical positioning on various issues including the elections.
On March next year the election for Parliament and the Assembly of Expert will take place in Iran and the divided Islamist's  and rival groups including Conservatives and Reformists are preparing for controlling more seats.
Mr. Rohani also warned officials to watch what they say or act about the nuclear agreements , in response to this the commander of Sepah ( Revolutionary Guard ) Mr. Jafari without mentioning names attacked Rohani and said:
"Some people(?)  tells us , you cant say what you want or act , and based on this idea , we must adjust ourselves with the enemies . "


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