Saturday, November 14, 2015

All Dissent Iranian Lives in Iran are in great danger ……….

Suspicious death of dissent Iranian are worrying those who follow the every day news in Iran. Time and time we hear person or persons with dissent voices have vanished or died suspiciously and there are no independent journalists or independent media to investigate on all those Iranian critical with regime policies or dissent voices died mysteriously in Iran.

One of those who was suspiciously died is a Kurdish medical student with highest grade in his field .
He was found death outside an unfinished building  close to Loghman Hospital . Apparently as the news indicated , he was pushed off from the sixth floor of that building . The news added that it is possible several people pushed him down from the floor.
Doctor Ehsan Karimi was in his last year as intern from Beheshti Medical School. The media in Iran reported the death as suspicious.

Aftab News wrote: This medical student was a top IQ medical student and he had No mental or drug addiction.

Farhikhtegan newspaper wrote: There is speculation that probably he was pushed by several person from the sixth floor of the building.


And this link shows doctor Karimi's comment which probably angered the hard line regime killers backed by hard line ayatollah namely Ayatollah Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi and…….


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