Thursday, December 24, 2015

Navid AGhdasi An Iranian Bahai Citizen of the City of Bandar Abbas Is Arrested Because He Has Tried To Find Out About the killing of A Bahai Leader …...

According to news , Navid Aghdasi an Iranian Bahai citizen of the city of Bandar Abbas was arrested on November 15 ,2015 by the Ministry of Intelligence agents at his home and is detained in a solitary confinement in Evin prison. Navid is still in ward number 209 in Evin prison under the supervision of Ministry of intelligence agents and no one knows about his situation.
Navid Aghdasi was following to the killing of Ataollah Rezvani a Bahai leader in Bandar Abbas city and organized an event to commemorate his life ,when arrested . Mr. Rezvani was killed two years ago in Bandar Abbas by unknown suspects.

Not all those arrested Journalists or civil rights or human rights activists are being arrested or detained by Sepah ( the revolutionary guards in Evin prison) but Ministry of Intelligence also detains human rights activists or journalists and particularly the Bahai's citizens . The Ministry of Intelligence is under the Government of President Hassan Rohani and he is responsible for all these human rights violation and one day he must respond to the peoples court of justice.


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