Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Prison Term And Fine For Mostafa Azizi The Iranian -Canadian Writer and Television Series Producer …...

According to news Parastoo Azizi the daughter of Mostafa Azizi said, my dad was given two weeks holiday to visit family on Nowrooz festivity on fifty Million Tuman Bail .

Mostafa Azizi was sentenced eight years imprisonment in preliminary court and after spending almost a year , in a recent appeal court his sentencing is reduced to three years imprisonment , knowing that he is already spent one year in prison ,he has two years more to go .

Mostafa Azizi came to Canada with his family in 2008 and returned to Iran in December 2014 to visit the sick father and extended family members .
Mostafa Azizi was sentenced by Judge Moghiseh in preliminary court to 8 years imprisonment,  Five  years  for association and collaboration to commit conspiracy , Two years for insulting the leader of the Islamic Republic and One Year for propagating against the Islamic state .

Currently Mostafa Aziz has returned to prison after his two weeks family visitation .



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