Monday, November 21, 2016

Ali Motahari Deputy To Majlis Speaker ( Parliament) : Free Mashhad ( Khorasan ) Province From The Despotism !!!???

According to news Ali Motahari in a letter to president Rohani wrote: Please clear this for us, that who is in charge of the Khorasan province , is it the Governor or the prosecutor and friday prayer Imam ?? !! Who is in charge?!

Does the Police acts under the direct order of prosecutor or the governor??!!

And why the prosecutor enters into this kind of issues??!!

These are the points in the letter . He wrote the letter because he was invited to speak to a group of young students in Mashhad city , which was cancelled due to opposition to his speech by some authorities in that province.

This is not the first time it happened , in the past in Shiraz on the same type of invitation , hje was attacked and beaten by local thugs .

Recently in Khouzestan province also same things happened .


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