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NARGES MOHAMMADI IS AN IRANIAN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST who has been in and out of jail for trying to ban the death penalty, for meeting with a UN official without permission and for speaking out against the regime’s brutal efforts to silence any criticism or opposition against it. SHE IS NOW IN JAIL AND IS TO REMAIN THERE FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS.
Her trials were, as can be expected, anything but fair since she was repeatedly denied access to her lawyers and was not even shown the “evidence”. AS IN OTHER POLITICAL TRIALS, SHE HAD TO ACCEPT THAT ACCORDING TO THE REGIME, SHE WAS GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT. On top of all this, her suffering from being kept apart from her family is compounded by her failing health. ALL OF THIS WOULD BE ENOUGH TO BREAK ANYONE BUT NARGES’ BRAVE SPIRIT IS DEFINITELY NOT BROKEN.
But now, Narges’ fate is taking on a much bigger dimension in Tehran: THE REGIME IS OUTRAGED AT THE SUPPORT SHE HAS RECEIVED TO TRY TO DIMINISH HER SENTENCE. The regime is obviously angered by the global support she has received but it is the local support which is really creating pressure within the regime.
TWO WEEKS AGO, 15 IRANIAN MP’S ADDED THEIR VOICE TO THE CALL TO FREE NARGES OR AT LEAST TO DIMINISH HER SENTENCE. The authorities immediately refused but the fact that such a call could emanate from within the regime made it hard to simply leave the matters as they stood.
Last week, the prosecutor general, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri made the issue clear: NARGES IS A CONVICTED CRIMINAL AND AN “OUTCAST” AND ANY IRANIAN SUPPORTING HER IS WORKING AGAINST THE REGIME, TOGETHER WITH THE “ENEMY” (THE US), IN ORDER TO “WEAKEN THE IDENTITY AND BESMEAR THE ISLAMIC STATE”. This “plot” to overthrow the regime can be found in what Montazeri called a “TRIANGLE”, which included the JCPoA, HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVISTS abroad together with “their agents inside the country” and “OFFICIALS WHO UNKNOWINGLY DO THINGS BASED ON IGNORANCE”.
Let’s examine this “TRIANGLE”:
1) The JCPoA was approved by the government and Khamenei himself as a deal which would end the crippling sanctions. Many Iranian leaders continue to claim that Tehran was a clear winner in this deal so how did such a deal suddenly become part of the plot to undermine the regime? And are Rouhani and Zarif , the orchastrators of this deal also part of this "plot"?
2) As to human rights activists, in Iran or abroad, Tehran’s common answer is that a) there isn’t a problem of human rights in Iran, b) any criticism regarding human rights in Iran is based on political agendas and c) no one has the right to change human rights in Iran except for the regime (but since there isn’t a problem, so everything is OK). But who are these “agents” of the global activists? They are either hiding or in jail like Narges.
3) As to the “ignorance” of the “officials”, Montazeri adds: “Just because the Judiciary isn’t revealing the evidence against these individuals doesn’t mean they’re good people”. Well, it would help if the MP’s could view the evidence. In fact it would help if Narges could view the evidence. But, it seems, Narges’ crimes are so sensitive that they are kept secret.
In contrast to Montazeri’s echoes of the regime’s paranoia and effort to silence opposition, Narges’ response was honest and to the point: “Contrary to your imagination, I am not part of some “EVIL TRIANGLE”…I BELIEVE IN THE NOBILITY OF STRIVING FOR HUMAN DIGNITY. The Judiciary, whom you serve, has issued an unjust sentence against me. I WILL ABIDE BY THE LAW AND ENDURE PRISON. I HAVE NO INTENTION TO RESIST OR ESCAPE. But be assured that I am one of thousands of noble Iranians representing the proud and selfless struggle of a nation for freedom and justice. Reveal my indictment, my defense and my life and let the public decide which of us deserves to be an “outcast”. Please remember that I, as the accused, was the one who insisted on a public trial, and the Judiciary was the one that insisted on keeping it hidden. I AM A HUMAN BEING. I AM A FREE IRANIAN CITIZEN. I WILL NOT ALLOW AN ASSAULT ON MY HUMAN DIGNITY, AND I WILL NOT STAY SILENT UNTIL I HAVE MY RIGHTS AND JUSTICE IS SERVED”.
The regime’s effort to silence any criticism against it is not new but the horror of it never wears out. THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF IRANIANS WHO HAVE BEEN SILENCED OVER THE YEARS BY PRISON OR DEATH ARE A TESTAMENT TO THE REGIME’S MOST POPULAR WEAPON: FEAR. The fear to be arrested, to go to jail, to be executed, to be humiliated, to lose freedoms etc…BUT NARGES’ RESPONSE IS ANYTHING BUT FEARFUL. IT IS CLEAR, BRAVE AND RESOLUTE BECAUSE THE IDEALS OF JUSTICE ARE ON HER SIDE – #FreeNarges.
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