Sunday, October 01, 2017

Sheil Arabi the Iranian Political Prisoner On His 38th Days Of Hunger Strike Released A Letter And Said "Good Bye " To HIs Wife And Family ..........

News From Iran  ......

Sheil Arabi the Iranian political prisoner who have spent 4 years in prison for just written words in his website . He is on his 38th days of hunger strike. In a letter he made his last wishes and said " good bye"  to his wife and family members .......

His mother Frangis Mazlum in a letter to all including human rights advocates asked to help her son  ;
She asked all human being through out the world and human rights advocate to help her son to return to his wife and her daughter . She said , for justice, she is planning on Monday to go to Majles ( Parliament ) to cry out for her sons life and justice.

Sheila in his letter wrote:
This is an excerpt .

Good Bye

My Dear Nastaran, believe me , i did everything to come out and hep build our lives .
Tell to Rojana ( his daughter ) that your father died for the crime of Thinking and enlightenment .

Now that i am writing i loved you always and now that i am writing this last will, i do not have any wealth to leave for you , i am sorry for this , forgive me that now i am leaving you , i was 1388 days in prison , but this last 8 days were most difficult. But i spend those difficult night in order the next day , to awaken the conscience of the judges , but if they had conscience they would have acquitted me from any crime and let me to come to you and hug you and tell story to Rojana . I do not have tolerance any more to all this cruelty . I am tired of fighting and crying alone against the cruelty. No one helps me in my fight against oppressors . Sheil, the person be in jail and not to be able to do anything , isn't  good for anything ,  so its  better to be  dead than not to be able to do anything . I am gone , but i have no doubt that one day, we will get rid of the oppressors and you will read my file and will find out that i shouldn't have stayed even one day in prison. A day will come that judges and interrogators will face the justice  and ......
To the officials:
Now , i am steps to the death.....Sugar 50........Blood pressure 5 over 6 ....weight 66 .....stomach bleeding .......

You didn't do all i requested , at least do my last request , bury me in the room 1,ward 250 in Evin prison and one day this place will become a museum and my daughter Rojana will remember me with honour  .


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