Friday, March 16, 2018

Iran : The Wave Of Protest By Workers , Farmers , Students And Women ( Le, Miserable ) Are Growing And The Corrupt Regime Is Unable To Manage The Situation ......

Iranian people are fed up from this illegitimate regime. Protest by le miserable is almost every day . And as a result of these protests , regime security forces have arrested hundreds of Iranian from various field of occupation including farmers , workers , unemployed graduates , women fighting against hijab and for their rights , teachers ....the situation is bringing Iranian from all walks of life into the protest and resistance against regimes brutalities. It is very difficult to monitor almost everything that is happening in Iran nowadays ....hundreds have been arrested and many are on hunger strike inside the prison.

At the same time, the government as well as regime officials from various faction are blaming each other for the corruption that is going on in side the regime . And the people have lost trust to this regime and are calling the regime officials as thieves ......

This situation , bringing more people into the street ....Iran is facing yet another uprising in near future....

The picture below shows the farmers from Isfahan province for shortage of water into their land protesting against Friday prayer imam by turning their back on him ......


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