Sunday, May 27, 2018

Security Agents And Police Forces Assault On Iran Writers Association's 50th Anniversary ......

News From Iran ..

On last Friday the security agents and police forces of the regime assaulted on Iran Writers Association's 50th anniversary and prevented the association to hold its 50th anniversary .
hours before the event to take place the security agents and police forces attended at the location where the event was going to take place and surrounded the streets and area , prevented the guests and members or public to attend at the location. The security agents with the letter from ministry of judiciary assaulted on the location of the event and arrested the event organizers and confiscated the posters and other valuable items which was prepared for the event.

Iran Writers Association condemned the attack on its 50th anniversary event and the basic freedom of expression rights and taking away all its event materials including posters and plates that were decorated with the association's Logo .........


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