Tuesday, May 08, 2018

The Stores In The City Of " Baneh " Are Closed For More Than 20 Days .

News from Iran.

Baneh is a border city in Kurdistan province of Iran . " Kolbaran " are the people who cross the border by carrying business products at their back from Iraqi Kurdistan to Iran to be sold in the city of Baneh . Some of these Kolbaran carry the product of business people and receive money for delivery . But regime put lots of pressure by killing , arresting , detaining these " Kolbaran " who deliver the products and receive little money to survive .

Because of regime policies towards Kolbaran and by banning these deliveries, Baneh business people  went on strike and closed their businesses.
Its now more than 20 days that the businesses in the city of Baneh are closed.


" Kolbar" : Is a person who carries heavy market products from the border of Iraq- Iran to Kurdistan Market .

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