Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Security Forces Have Arrested Several Members Of Iran Writers Association And Followers On The 18th Memorial Anniversary For The Iranian Poet Ahmad Shamlou ........

According to news , On Tuesday July 24 , the Association of Iranian Writers and friends of Shamlou decided to gather at IMam Zadeh Taher Cemetery in the city of Karaj on Ahmad Shamlou's grave to celebrate the life of the great Iranian poet , writer and translator by laying flowers on his grave . But faced with security forces outside of the cemetery and the security forces locked the gate to the cemetery and prevented the people from entering into the Imam Zadeh Taher cemetery.  because of this situation , the board members of  Iran Writers Association Mr. Ali Kakavand decided to distribute the posters and read the communique of the Association on this occasion outside of the cemetery along the street adjacent to the cemetery . After reading a few words , the security forces rushed at him and arrested him and Rouzbeh Sohani and several others ......including Gholam Nemati a teacher......
Following this attack the people chanted slogan against this barbaric actions and tried to free those arrested from the hands of the security forces.

Those arrested were transferred to Rejaei Shahr prison........


IRAN WATCH CANADA: With this situation how can Iranian work on building the civil society ?

The history of Iran shows that not only the regime of Shah but also his father and the current theocratic regime did everything to prevent the Iranian from building a civil society in their country .

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