Saturday, February 09, 2019

Nilofar Bayani An Environmental Activist Inside The Court To The People : They Have Tortured Me And Forced Me A To A Confession !!??

News from Iran ......

Nilofar Bayani inside the court to the people : " If they have threatened you inside the prison like me to an injection, you would have confessed like me . They have kept me in the solitary confinement for several months and beaten me up and forced me to a confession. They are about to bring me to the judge Salavati to kill me. "

Torture , solitary confinement , forced confessions, threatening to kill the prisoners and their loved one are common in the Islamic prisons in Iran.
In the past they have killed so many including young blogger Satar Beheshti , Kavous Seyed Emami and so many others .

 Islamic regime in Iran mostly targets the writers , journalists , human rights activists , civil right lawyers , student rights activist  , teachers  and women rights activists , poets , and labor rights leaders .......Minorities including Bahai's .......Under Islamic law in Iran , you are guilty until proven otherwise without lawyer to defend you....


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