Monday, April 15, 2019

Iran , A Lawyer Is Sentenced To 10 Years Imprisonment......

News from Iran ......

Picture shows Mr. Najafi with Satar Behest's Mom 
Satar Behest a worker and blogger died inside the prison

According to official IRNA news agency , lawyer Mohammad Najafi is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment and his conviction is confirmed by court of appeal in central province.

Mr. Najafi was earlier sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for " making propaganda for the opposition groups ، insulting the leader and collaboration with enemy countries by making interviews " . His sentence later was reduced to 10 years.
One of the allegation against Mr. Najafi is that , Mr. Najafi informed public about the death of Vahid Heydari a political prisoners of Arak city prison in the  latest uprising which brought people from 80 cities into the streets of Iran. Based off the official judiciary information , Mr. Heydari have committed suicide inside the prison.


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