Thursday, September 30, 2004

Today in Iran

There is a clash between the bloggers and the Judiciary in Iran. A few have been arrested and a few others are in danger and awaiting imprisonment.


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  • Oct. 4,04
    1.There is an "eruption" in Washington, hemm...., Washington is on fire , right after the debate, George W. Bush was "de-bated" and he is still trying to catch attraction or he prefer do things silently and privately than in public. "Man public things are hard..." .
    2.Our eyes are on Iran's journalists and press situation As well as Human Right's situation. soon there will be a report , since the situation getting more dangerous for Iranian journalists.
    3. poem
    "Let your eyes get drunk of me"
    every tree
    A bottle of old vine
    Red , Violet and Yellow
    Like gold it shines
    Let your eyes pick a bottle
    And drink
    Time to get drunk

    By Blogger Mori Jex, At 10:50 AM  

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