Sunday, October 24, 2004

" Islamic Republic of Iran is torturing Younge journalists in Iran "

" Ruidad" - Memarian's strange statement in a contact with family : " Don't hire a lawyer for me "
Monday 25/10/04
" Omid Memarian " one of the journalists who has been imprisoned recently , In a short contact by phone with his home, has expressed subjects , which tells of pressure inside the prison on him as well as on other recent arrestees.
In a report by "Ruidad" reporter, Memarian in a telephone contact insisted to his family, not in any sircumstances to get a lawyer for him. And on question by his family , So how should we follow your case? has answered that; the officials of the file ( those who did the arrest ) are looking for my freedom.It is needed to say that , one of the main instances which all arrestees are having a comon situation is that: In their primary contact with their families , are speaking on their satisfactory condition in the prison and are asking them not to follow on their case through legal channel and not to publish their news in the media .

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