Tuesday, October 19, 2004

" Call to save life of a 13 years old girl"

" Mihan " An Iranian magazin in France reported the following news:
The Iranian judiciary will be stonning a 13 years old girl .
Based on a communique , released by Nahid Ryazi from the Central Association of Women Liberty , Zhila age 13, became pregnant by having sex with her brother who is 15 years old. This happened in the city of Marivan , where shewas sentenced by a judge and is currently being imprisoned in that city .
" IRAN WATCH CANADA" Asks all it's reader to write to president Khatami to stop this and save the life of a young girl.
Number to cotact Nahid:
President Khatami's email :
" IRAN WATCH CANADA " is monitoring news about media, journalists and human rights situation in Iran .


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