Monday, October 11, 2004

"Honestly , What is "Canadian experience "?

"The burden of the long journey,
The harshness of life in the new land,
We are not for wealth, Luxury and gold,
But for survival , If truth must be told"
Hafez- 14th century Iranian lyric poet
Journalists in Exile ( JEX ) , people who were journalist in their home country , but not here in Canada , It's because they do not have "Canadian experience ".
What is "Canadian experience" ?. What is it realy ? How long it will take for someone to gain "Canadian experience" ?. Is "Canadian experience" something about the job? If it is , then it can be solved by training someone for less than a month and in parallel to that continuing education would be the solution. May be " Canadian experience" is a cultural issue !?, Or it is about integration !? A self transformation , self " Born agin " , self de-construction, which has nothing to do with the profession. So far as I noticed ; Canadian society has been seasoned with all races , However , Canadian job market ( aside from labor job) not yet. anyway , as far as this situation continues , the journalists in exile will remain as an EX-journalists . Honestly what is "Canadian experience" ?

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