Monday, October 04, 2004

George W. was "de-bated "

Washington was on fire right after the "de-bate" . John Kerry in his first strike "de-bated" world peace chaser , Erruption still continues , which won't stop for a while. George W. ... right after the "de-bated" looked tired , oh.. men he hated debate in front of public so much , instead he liked private debate more than ever,It seemed and the way he looked ,He hated jim Lehrer for those hard question.George had a weary look and appeared to me that he lost weight during that de-bate. In the future he may loose more and will be lost in his suits.The de-bate ended without a preemptive strike.
In Iran the debate on reform goes on , not between president / his government and the conservatives but between people and the states . reform is a must in Iran but the regime seems not understanding this and will pay the price .....

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