Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Seated debate makes a lazy debate

The political debate for vice presidency in US style election has been just ended.Here are a few comments: Never allow the debate take place by seating down, why? The answer is : haven't you seen how the debate went on ? it was a total sleeping pitch, seated debate make people more lazy ,and seemed that the stage was not hot , and you know what? people like to see the whole body language, In this debate the parties were seated and most part of the body was hidden. in principle when someone stands and debates , by moving the body blood circulation makes it easier to remember the questions and issues, Dont you think so ? Which one do you prefare? It seemed to me as much as George W. wanted a debate in a private climate than in public , Dick Cheiny wanted a seated debates rather than standing ?! You know what ?, Trial lawyers likes to walk and speak.was he invited to be seated by Dick?!

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