Sunday, October 10, 2004

"History of Iran will pay respect to you all "

Today is Sat. OCT. 10 and we participated in the commemoration (Yadman ) of the massacre of political prisoners in Iran , which was held in Uof T. This massacre happened on Sept. of 1988. In that time the regime ended the war with Iraq and started taking revenge on innocent already captive political prisoners , killing them by the thousands ( as far as the information were collected ) . The head of the Evin prison in Tehran at the time of killing was Mr. Assadollah Lajvardi ,Later he was assasinated , he had alot of knowledge about those killing. Who was behind his assasination?
How many exactly have been executed? There are alot of questions to be answered.yesterday was the birthday of Zahra Kazemi ( The Canadian - Iranian born photo journalist), She has been killed in the same prison on June 2003.You are not here to blow the candle Zahra . Happy birthday to you . Today there are many Journalists ( Like Akbar Ganji the CJFE international award winner whose award is still hanging on the CJFE's office), writers , students and political prisoners in the same prison . Their lives are in great danger , They need our support. Journalists like akbar Ganji need more support , As an investigative journalist, he could put light in to the killings by the regime agents ,but alas that the coservatives aborted his investigation kept him in captivity too and his life is in great danger.

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