Thursday, October 07, 2004

In iran the only legal way is the illegal way

Upseting news from Iran, Again and again , As always : The news was that; Emadodin Baghi , An Iranian journalist, human rights advocate and one of the close colleagues of Akbar Ganji( an Iranian award wining investigative journalist who is still in the jail ), was banned to leave the country. It happened when he planned to leave the country to participate in international conferences, while in the airport , they confiscated all his documents and books without any legal charges against him.This shows that they have a plan for him and his situation may get worse. Emadodin legally obtained all necesarry papers and bought the tickets and planned for this travel , but in Iran things are different from the rest of the world and the regime does not follow any international norms.
this event and many in the past shows that the only legal way to leave Iran under a state of terror is the illegal way, which justifies the dramatic situation of journalists, writers , human rights advocates ......... in Iran .


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