Saturday, October 09, 2004

" A donky and balot boxes says it all "

Today, Sat. Oct.9 , there will be a presidential election in Afghanistan, and on Nov. 2 , U.S presidential election , On Jan. next year Iraqi election and 7 months from now ( early March 2005), the presidential election in Iran.
Having know that , We come to the real question and issue 1st. What is an election ?
Election is not just having a list of candidates, but the important is the content of the election.for example in what sircumstances the election is going to take place? and the degree of knowledge of the public about the candidates are important. In countries like Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan the people do not have a deep understanding about election.the degree of illiteracy is high, In contries like afghanistan it is above 80% of population.Afghanistan has more than 150,000 clergies and 30,000 vilages , In every vilages there are 4-5 mosques but not even one school . Independent press are either in no existance or under huge pressure and censorship. the investigative journalists to monitor the election and report to the people are either few , who are either banned to write and or are in prison.Problem of democracy in Afghanistan and elsewhere in Middle East is social / cultural phenomenon as well as the influence of super powers and their support for dictators. Despite of all problems the people are getting more familiar of their rights .
Election cheating in U.S oppened the eyes of people around the world to this very important foundation of democracy.U.S is trying to make the democratic parts in U.S. and then to assemble it in the Middle East. Importing democracy will fail , As " Soviet effort " Failed in Afghanistan . Therefore Afghanistan needs to build its own Democracy. This is true for other countries in Middle East as well . Middle East needs real reform .This is the answer .


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