Monday, January 10, 2005

New years eve with political prisoners

New years eve with political prisoners.
Interview by "Khosro Shemiranie" - Shahrvand weekly publication

Narges Mohammadi , the wife of Taghi Rahmani :
We celeberated last year's Iranian new year beside the tall stone wall of Evin prison .We tried to celebrate this day as close as possible to our dears. Q- Tell us about Mr. Rahmani's recent situation? My husband is 43 years old, and spent 14 years or 1/3 of his age in prison, this is after the stablishment of the Islamic Republic, on and off from 1981 to present .most of the time he was kept in special prisons and solitary confinement , His crime was writing , thinking and expressing his thought which is close to Dr. Ali Shariati thoughts . Q- How is his situation today and as well your family ? We are not in good situation, since the last time he was arrested we live in ambiguity, we do not know until when and in what condition should he stay in prison. up to now two times; once 130 million Tuman( close to 200000 Canadian Dollar ) and the other time 50 MillionTuman ( close to 70000 dollar) bail for his release was paid, but they didn't release him.Today he is in section 2 -A of the prison which is completely disconnected with the outside world and even the prison management saying that; they are unaware of his whereabout.

Mohammad Bagher Batebi the father of Ahmad Batebi:
Happy new year to everyone, and I wish freedom for all Iranian particularly political prisoners.These days Ahmad is still passing his prison term.the prison term that I do not know what is it's bases and all my effort resulted without answer, Q- How is Ahmad's physical and mental state? Well he is in prison and thank god his physical and mental state is not bad, Although he had severe pain for quiet a long time , we tried to get him out of jail for treatment but without success.

Majid Kamaliha, The brother of Saeed Kamaliha:
My brother Saeed Kamaliha was arrested 5 years ago, summer of 1999 during the student uprising in Tehran University , Until today I do not know of his crime or even what is he accused of ? He is an expert in Radiology, At that time he was sentenced to 6 years prison term and was condemned to 75 lashes, and now he is in Evin prison, He spent his first 6-7 months in a harsh solitary confinement, So far only one time he was able to come and we saw him.

IRAN WATCH CANADA used the LINK of MIhan Magazin since all these prisoners picture came together.
To be continued...


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