Thursday, January 27, 2005

No matter of how many times you speek about "freedom" or " Liberty " , Your actions speaks louder than your words.

Site of : Mohammad ALI Abtahi ( The former executive director of the office of president Khatami and then the vise president in legal and parliamentary relation ) : About the closure of the site named " ISNA " by the US company "The planet" .
The closure of the site of "ISNA " by the American company "The Planet" could be interesting in different ways:

1- The tallest world slogan today is the free communication. The closure of a reporting site because of the reason of being Iranian is the worst way of censorship which the intelectuals in Iran and even in all third world countries are facing today. When this happens in America that it's president in his second innagural uses the word of freedom for 27 times , shows the dishonesty of his speech to the world.
2- The Iranian intellectuals and free thinkers who worked hard when the press were closed, definitely in this regard too, will stand in defense of free expression. If we will look at the free expression as a choice , we will follow the logic of those who are proud of closing the newspapers or won't take decission about it.
3-" ISNA " is an active news agency that covers more about the defense of writers, journalists, weblog writers, and people of art and this regard which ISNA has come to this problem, Is the duty of advocates of cultur and politics to see the problem of the ISNA as their own problems.
my concern is that; I reject this uncivilized act of the Planet company, and I see it as an alarm for communication between the world societies, particularly for Iranian communication society and I believe; If there will be silence towards this issue, Then there could be harsh consequences for the generation of the country motivated by internet.

RSF ( Reporters Without Border ) has issued a statement about this matter.


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