Tuesday, January 18, 2005

I, Shireen Ebadi announce to the world that ; In Iran there is "solitary confinement", and solitary confinement means there is torture.

Complete and illustrated report on press conference in the office of the " Association of Human Rights Defender" About the existance of " solitary confinement " in Iran.

I, Shireen Ebadi announce to the world that ; In Iran there is "solitary confinement", and solitary confinement means there is torture. I want them not to use the "solitary confinement" .

On the morning of Monday Jan. 17/2005 , The office of the" Association of Human Rights Defenders" with the presence of reporters , journalists, Iranian and foreign news agencies, the following personalities : Narges Mohammadi, Shiva Dolat-Abadi, Habibollah Peiman, Hashem Sabbaghian, Ezatollah Sahabi, Abdolfatah Soltani, Mohammad Sharif , Ali Afshari, Hanif Mazruie , Mohammad Seifzadeh and Shireen Ebadi, spoke on the following issues :

At the begining Narges Mohammadi spoke about the reason of this conference and explained about the following :
We believe that the Freedom of Expression and freedom of thought are the basic and the inner part of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the relation between Democracy and human rights with freedom of expression and openion is direct and bilineal.
She spoke about solitary confinement which is an inhuman torture that it's history goes back to Middle ages and the confrontation of churches with its dissidents ..........
And then she gave statistics on solitary confinement for the recent three years:
Year 2000- 60 political activists ( from political group namely; " Nehzat Azadi and Melli Mazhabi " )
Year 2002- Hundreds of students kept in solitary confinement.
Year 2003- Blog writers were kept in solitary confinement.
15 members of the " Melli Mazhabi " spent a total of 2712 days in jail which comes to 7 years and 4 months which won't be forgiven.
Then Shiva Dolatabadi , The specialist and psychologist explained about the effects of solitary confinement on mental and psychological through scientific achievments then she spoke about the situation of Dr. Habibolah Peyman who spent 225 days in solitary confinement in 1992 . Peyman spoke about the harsh moments of solitary confinement with 50 degree temperature of the cell and shortage of air and killing silence of the solitary confinement then Sabbaghian who in 1992 experienced 200 days in solitary confinement spoked about the solitary confinement during the regime of shah and 3 times in the system of the Islamic Republic of Iran and said that the solitary confinement during the Islamic Republic is worse than the
Shah's regime. Mehdi Sahabi spoke about his heart problem and pressure from the solitary confinement..... all the people present spoke about the existance of solitary confinement which is equal to torture and is illegal. Ali Afshari spoke about his 400 days experience in solitary confinement then Hanif Mazruie the 26 years old youth who has been freed from solitary confinement, He spoke about how he was beaten , insulted and was tortured and how he was been kept in solitary confinement, Then Mohammad Seif spoke about his experience in solitary confinement during the regime of shah and how he saw then Savak interrogator working as torturer in the Islamic Republic regime then Mohammadi spoke about the 400 days imprisonment of Sahabi and the arrest of weblog writters and keeping them in solitary confinement and forced confession and documenting by video and showing in national TV , all of these happening lead to that today the pioneer of peace to speak about the torture of solitary confinement. At the end Shireen Ebadi said : I , Shireen Ebadi defender of human rights announce that in Iran there is solitary confinement and this means there is torture.Statement of Association of Human Rights Defenders
With the hope for freedom of political prisoners.


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