Thursday, January 13, 2005

Now you know , impressed and touched !?

Bloggers meet head of the judiciary power.

Yesterday , Masud Ghoreishi, Arash Naderpour, Hanif Mazrouie, Ruzbeh Mirebrahimi, Omid Memarian, Fereshteh Ghazi, Mahboubeh Abbas-gholizadeh and Shahram Rafizadeh together with Mr. Biglou the husband of Mrs. Ghazi , Went to meet Ayatollah Hashemi Shahroudi and explained all the oppression that went on them to the judge of judges.The follow up for investigation of imprisoned bloggers are very important.
Shahram Rafizadeh spoke about insecurity of himself and his family, Omid Memarian explained about physical contacts and questions about unlawful relationship, Fereshteh Ghazi spoke about being beaten and insulted and emphasized on her nose been broken and being forced to confess on unlawful relationship with reformists, Hanif Mazruei spoke about the prison where he was kept was a secret location and it's name was not listed in the prison list and that; one day they were blind folded and were handcuffed and were sitting in a car " Hays" this was after the interrogation in the month of "Ramazan " suddenly someone oppened the door of the car and threw pepper spray into the car ,Ruzbeh Mirebrahimi also spoke about the events about television programes and writting confession letters and Mahboubeh Abbas-gholizadeh spoke about her two dughters are at the age of getting married but they were asking about her relationship.
Weblog writers explained their 4 demands: clarifying their files, security of themselves and their families, legally challenging the violators, preventive measure for summoning and confrontation with their families.
According to the weblog writers;After hearing them Ayatollah Shahroudi was impressed and touched, and in an answer told them that certainly your confession in that situation is invalidand promissed he will deal with offenders and he added that; if anyone called you tell them that I told you not to go...............
The interior ministry Mr. Lary also is seriousely investigating the police forces, The minimum result of this could be that from now no one will dare to do what went to the bloggers.

Taken from the site of :, Mohammad Ali Abtahi , the former vice presidents website.

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