Saturday, January 15, 2005

During the attack to students dormitory Ezat was killed and now his family is under threat and harrassments ?!

" Ezat Ebrahim-Nezhad' s" family have been summoned to the court.
Ezat is the graduate student who was serving his military services and during the unrest in student dormitory of the university of Tehran he was killed.
And now the branch # 3 of the revolutionary court has summoned his family to the court.
No one has been found for his murder yet .
Ebrahim Ezatnezhad's family together with their lawyer today ( Saturday Jan.15 /2005) for explanation will attend to the 3rd branch of the revolutionary court in Tehran.

you can click to all titles and it will open the link for you , However most of the links are in Persian and IRAN WATCH CANADA by translating the news make a bridge between IRAN and you .
Thank you for your support to Iranian people's rights.

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