Sunday, January 30, 2005

The suspicious death of a woman poet and 3 young women journalists.!

The suspicious death of a woman poet and 3 young women journalists.! An open letter of "Effat Mahbaz" to special reporter of UN commission on human rights.
Dear " Yakin Erturk , These sudden and questionable deaths , once again brought the nightmare of the tragic chain murderings of the writers, journalists , translators and political activists in Iran in 1998 to the sight.
An open letter to honourable mademe professor " Yakin Erturk " The special reporter of UN commission on human rights about " violence against women".
Honourable mademe professor " Yakin Erturk",
Mademe professor " Yakin Erturk" , We have recieved news that, you as a special reporter of the UN human rights commission on " violence against women " have been invited by the government of the Islamic Republic to travel to Iran from Jan. 30th /2005 to Feb.6 / 2005 . And your intention is to meet people in order to fact finding in Iran and to report it periodical to UN commission on human rights.I would take advantage of this opportunity and bring your attention to the suspicious deaths of a woman poet and three women journalists which did occure in recent months and in order to stop these kind of happenings, I would like to demand an inquiry and need your help in this regards.
Based on the monthly human rights report in Iran ( Jan. 20, 2005 ) : " Elnaz Derakhshan The reporter of " Eftekhar" newspaper , Shiva and Shahla Shekari the reporters of "Shargh" and "Eftekhar" newspapers have been suspiciousely killed in Tehran .*1
Police in its preliminary report announced the death based on gas inhilation and or food poisoning , But the coroners office with observation of redness on the skin and body , strongly believes that they might have been suffocated. The house that the 2 other reporters namely "Shiva" and " Shahla" Shekari were, belonged to " Elnaz Drakhshan " the reporter of " Eftekhar " newspaper.

Honourable mademe, The other suspicious and sudden death is of the contemporary poet "Nazanin Nezam Shahidi" who has died suspiciousely on the evening of ( Tuesday Jan. 18, 2005) , apparently due to the brain death.While one day before to this event , she was chosen as one of the referee to the ( Karnameh ) award ceremony for "todays poetry in Iran" , and she red the statement of the referees in the Niavaran cultural gathering hall .2*

Dear Mademe " Yakin Erturk", These sudden and questionable deaths, Once again brings the nightmare of the tragic chain murdering of the writers, journalists, translators and political advocates of Iran on the year 1998 .
In the chain murdering of the year 1998 ; " Ahmad Zalzadeh", " Ahmad Tafazoli" translator and reporter of the press in Iran , "Mohammad Mokhtari" and " Mohammad Jafar Pouyandeh " writer and translator , " Parvaneh Eskandari " ( Frouhar ) " and " Dariush Frouhar " one of the leader of " Mellat Party of Iran " were killed in different ways in the hands of the Ministry of Informations agents.
Now ; Because of these suspicious deaths of journalists, Elnaz Derakhshan, Shiva Shekari, Shahla Shekari and the contemporary poet Nazanin Nezam Shahidi , The public openion inside and outside of Iran and also the human rights advocates and civil rights organizations in struggle against the " violation on women " are very worried.
At the end Ms. Mahbaz on behalf of her colleagues and herself demanded mademe Erturk when meeting officials to question and ask for investigation about these suspicious deaths.
The letter was signed by Effat Mahbaz , The journalist and human rights advocate.dated 28 Jan./2005
1* - Etemad newspaper
2*- According to ISNA

Translated from the Persian site of the Gooya news

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