Thursday, March 16, 2006

Friday March 17,2006

News update- Gooya newsonline reporting from ISNA :

The court hearing on Nikahang Kowsar's case , this morning Tuesday was held in division number 1083 of Tehran public court with the presence of complainant representatives , the defense lawyer and Mr. Hoseinian as the presiding judge .

The Judge said that Mr. Nikahang is charged with: Calumny and insult to the president of " Seda va Sima " ( Iran's government controlled TV & Radio ) by drawing cartoon and making him comparison with Saeed Emami ( A serial killer from ministry of information) and also insulting Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi and other officials by drawing cartoon and insulting government offices and particularly the clerical court. He said that the cartoon which is drawn in many publications by Mr. Nikahang Kowsar mostly has the language of insult to the officials.

In this court hearing Mr. Amir Hoseinabadi the defense lawyer for Mr. Nikahang Kowsar announced that due to illness his is currently living outside of Iran and he apologized for his client not being present, he most of the charges to his client are as old as 7 years and he added that my clients had written a letter to Ayatollah Mesbah's office and appologized and recieved a letter from him saying he must pay more attention in doing his work. Mr. Hoseinabadi said that usually it is the nature of caricature that there may be some problems.He then gave his defense argument to the court.

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