Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday March 14,2006

News in brief - Iran-Emroozonline reporting from "ADVAR" News :

Clashes between students and plain cloths agents !

On trying to bury the body of a few " unknown martyres" ( From the Iran-Iraq eight years war 1980-88) inside Sharif University of Technology , the student boycotted the classes and gathered around the proposed sight to protest and not to let the university to do this . The students believe that ; Ahmadinejad government known as "the security regime" is trying to abuse from the names of War martyrs to gain credentials. In their resolution they demanded Mr. Mirezaie the deputy of the university to resign. It was reported that the number of these students were between 600-1000 .
In this event there were many student who are known as "Basiji " and many plain cloth agents and the representative of president Ahmadinejad, which ended with throwing of teargas and clashes.The students then attacked the office of the president of the University and brok glasses of the office.

For viewing the pictures( at the end of the text) from this protest please visit :

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