Friday, March 10, 2006

Friday March 10, 2006

News in spotlight: Iran Emroozonline reporting from ILNA :

Iran's poetry lady have been beaten and insulted !
Ms. Simin Behbehani : I have nothing to say about my foot that became swollen & bruised because of the kick by boot!

"Ms. Simin Behbehani" the contemporary poet , was beaten and insulted when she joined March eigth International Women's Day on Wednesday in a public park in the city of Tehran called " Parke Daneshju" .
This ceremony was ended to scuffle because of police force intervention.
Ms. Behbehani in speaking with ILNA on March eigth gathering said : I do not have anything to say about myself and my swolen and bruised foot because of the kick by boot , but for those women who have been crying because of the punch , kick and baton , i'm very sorry , and more for those whom i do not know in which mental hospital were educated that behaved and acted like this with their mother , sister and compatriot , I'm sorry.

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